The Law Office of William B. Wynne, p.l.l.c.

$499.00 Plus Costs

Welcome to the Law Office of William B. Wynne. My name is Bill Wynne, and I am the owner, and sole practicing attorney. For nearly ten years I’ve practiced nothing but criminal law. As a criminal attorney, I’ve handled cases ranging from Driving Under the Influence, to Welfare Fraud, to Murder. From Petit Retail Theft, to Trafficking in Heroin. I’ve defended clients in both State and Federal criminal trial proceedings, and I’ve also handled appellate cases, as well as post-conviction litigation.

One of my favorite particular areas of practice, is sealing and expunging criminal records. There is something special about making that final phone call, to tell a client that his or her case has been officially expunged, that the long waiting process is finally over. And, sharing in their celebration, experiencing the weight falling off their shoulders. Perhaps, second only to securing an acquittal for a client, after a long trial, when the belief in their innocence is unwavering. It’s a rewarding experience, it provides them with a lifelong benefit, and it is very affordable.

The bottom line, is that expunging and sealing a criminal record, is a complicated process. I once knew an attorney, an old colleague of mine, that expunged an old high school arrest off his record during his third year of law school. Confident in his legal knowledge, and being a law student, he did it himself. And he still made a mistake! The moral of the story is that expunging and sealing a record is a tricky, complex process. So, while it is possible to do it yourself, without a lawyer, most legal professionals will advise against that. And I promise, they’re not saying that just to get your money.

Since I started my practice, I’ve done over 200 expungements/sealings, throughout counties all over Florida. From up in the panhandle near Alabama to Duval County in Jacksonville, and all the way down to Miami-Dade, Broward, and even Key West. Since I am a small one-lawyer firm, I don’t have the same expenses and overhead as other firms, and I’m therefore able to offer a competitive price.

I don’t charge for initial consultations or phone calls, so please, feel free to give me a call. I’d be happy to help you clear your record!